Kinder. Arbeit. Menschenwürde - Child labour and Children's rights - seen with fresh eyes (a plea for the human dignity of working children)

- Manfred Liebel, Ina Nnahi, Anne Wihstutz (Eds)

In this German language publication the political and scientific discourse of the situation of working children is being discussed in terms of children's rights and human dignity. A key issue within this debate is the question, whether work in dignity is feasible for children and can constitute an aspired goal. Including articles from authors from Asia, Latin America, the United States and Europe, this book informs about international research and gives new causes for thought and action impulses on dealing with child work and children's rights.

Liebel, Manfred; Nnaji, Ina; Wihstutz, Anne (Eds.): Kinder. Arbeit. Menschenwürde. Internationale Beiträge zu den Rechten arbeitender Kinder. Frankfurt a.M. & London: IKO, 2008.  

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Wihstutz, Anne: Verantwortung und Anerkennung. 
Qualitative Studie zur Bedeutung von Arbeit für Kinder 
Reihe: Kinder - Jugend - Lebenswelten. Transnationale und interkulturelle Studien, Bd. 5 (2009) 24.90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-643-10129-7


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