EnJeux, Angers, France

EnJeux serves as a research organization that unites over 80 researchers specializing in child studies and children's rights. These experts hail from Angers University, Nantes University, and Le Mans University. EnJeux forms an extensive network comprising researchers and stakeholders in the realm of youth and childhood. The primary objective of this network is to enhance the well-being of children. This is pursued by fundamentally recognizing children as not merely objects, but as active subjects in both research and endeavors.


Since 2018, EnJeux has been actively engaged in a training program that advocates for children's rights within professional practices. Initiated two years ago, the organization has embarked on crafting a comprehensive Master's Degree program in Children's Rights Studies. Scheduled to commence in September 2024, this innovative Master's program will be based in Angers. Esteemed professors from the aforementioned universities will provide their guidance and support to this endeavor.

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Hélène Desaivre-Mallard


Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN)
c/o Centre for Children’s Rights Studies
University of Geneva, Valais Campus
Chemin de l’Institut 18
CH – 1967 Bramois (Sion)

Tel. +41 (0)27 205 73 06