The quality of attachment and the resiliency within the development of children-Muntean, Ana

Attachment is a necessary condition for healthy development of the child and is a guarantee of resiliency in difficult existential circumstances. The attachment starts as a biological requirement and it develops according with the qualities of communication, protection and cares provided to the child by the significant persons in the child's life. When good enough parents are not available for the child, he or she will survive yet different bio-psycho-socio-cultural aspects of his or her development will be jeopardized. The reactions and consequences are very personal and it depends on the initial indivual strengths including the genetic heritage of the child. Our discussion here will explore the different ways in which the children can answer to the lack of parental resources. The conclusions will urge for interventions aimed to assist the resilience of the adolescents in need for social support.

In: Tomita, M. (Ed.): International Conference: Social Work perspectives on quasi-coercive treatment of offenders, the 3th editions: Violence among adolescents


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