The Friends and Family Interview: Measurement invariance across Belgium and Romania-Stievenart, Marie; Casonato, M.; Muntean, A.; van de Schoot, R.

The Friends and Family Interview (FFI; Steele & Steele, 2005), a semi-structured interview assessing attachment representations, is used in the context of an international research project. In the current study, the first step in the validation process of the FFI was to check whether this instrument measures coherence in the same way across countries. Coherence in attachment narratives is a central marker of secure and organized attachment representations in childhood and adulthood. Analysis were conducted on the data from Belgian (n = 35) and Romanian (n = 43) adopted adolescents and revealed that the FFI coherence is similar across the two samples. Correlations between coherence and attachment categories were also computed, confirming the relation between both these variables. Empirical implications of these analyses on the FFI are discussed.


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