Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach: Challenges and Prospects - Daniel Stoecklin & Jean-Michel Bonvin (Eds.)

Daniel Stoecklin & Jean-Michel Bonvin (Eds.), Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach: Challenges and Prospects. Dordrecht: Springer, 2014. ISBN 978-94-017-9090-1

This volume addresses the conditions allowing the transformation of specific children’s rights into capabilities in settings as different as children’s parliaments, organized leisure activities, contexts of vulnerability, children in care. It addresses theoretical questions linked to children’s agency and reflexivity, education, the life cycle perspective, child participation, evolving capabilities and citizenship. The volume highlights important issues that have to be taken into account for the implementation of human rights and the development of peoples’ capabilities. The focus on children’s capabilities along a rights-based approach is an inspiring perspective that researchers and practitioners in the field of human rights would like to deepen.

- Transforming Children’s Rights into Real Freedom: A Dialogue Between Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach from a Life Cycle Perspective. Biggeri, Mario (et al.)

- Observing Children’s Capabilities as Agency. Baraldi, Claudio (et al.)

- From Evolving Capacities to Evolving Capabilities: Contextualizing Children’s Rights Liebel, Manfred

- Reconstructing Children’s Concepts: Some Theoretical Ideas and Empirical Findings on Education and the Good Life. Andresen, Sabine (et al.)

- Children’s Councils Implementation: A Path Toward Recognition? Golay, Dominique (et al.)

  1. Cross-Fertilizing Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach. The Example of the Right to Be Heard in Organized Leisure. Stoecklin, Daniel (et al.)

- The Theoretical Orthodoxy of Children’s and Youth Agency and Its Contradictions: Moving from Normative Thresholds to a Situated          Assessment of Children’s and Youth Lives. Dahmen, Stephan

- Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach: Discussing Children’s Agency Against the Horizon of the Institutionalised Youth Land. Reynaert, Didier (et al.)

- The Participation of Children in Care in the Assessment Process. Robin, Pierrine

- The UN Children’s Rights Convention and the Capabilities Approach – Family Duties and Children’s Rights in Tension. Clark, Zoë (et al.)

- Children’s Rights Between Normative and Empirical Realms. Hanson, Karl (et al.)

- Growing Up in Contexts of Vulnerability: The Challenges in Changing Paradigms and Practices for Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights in Brazil and Mexico. Rizzini, Irene (et al.)


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