The Care Worlds Of Migrant Children - Exploring Intergenerational Dynamics Of Love, Care And Solidarity Across Home And School - Frieda McGovern and Dympna Devine


There is increasing interest in migrant children’s contribution to family processes of integration. Less explored are the role of affective bonds and the significance of children’s care worlds in managing the transition of the migrant family, especially between home and school. Drawing on a deep ethnographic study of 10 diverse migrant families (parent and child), this article highlights how inter-generational practices of love, care and solidarity – the creation of a ‘family feeling’ (Bourdieu, 1998) – are central to the negotiation of belonging in the settlement country. However, affective practices, it is argued, are interconnected with access to economic, social and cultural resources giving rise to substantive differences in how migrant children negotiate the, transition between home and school.

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