University of Liverpool (Faculty of Law)

University of Liverpool (Faculty of Law)

Bachelor's Degree/Undergraduate

The LLB (Law) at the University includes teaching on children’s rights in the context of access to justice, immigration and asylum, family law, and medical law. The University also runs three major Law Clinic Programs on: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; Private Family Law; and Immigration, Asylum and Statelessness, which provide legal advice and representation to clients in the community on cases relating to children and their rights.

Master's Degree/Postgraduate

The LLM (Masters in Law) at the University offers tracks in International Human Rights; General LLM; and LLM in Law, Medicine, and Healthcare. All of these include modules on children’s rights from a legal, theoretical, and empirical/practice-based perspective.


The University of Liverpool has a number of PhD students studying full-time and part-time on a range of children’s rights issues, including in the context of immigration and asylum, cultural rights, violence, family justice, and medical/health care. For further details see:

The University offers research training and runs a regular program of research events for children’s rights scholars at all levels. The next event is on 3-5 July 2024 in Liverpool to mark the 100th anniversary of the Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child:

The University also has a range of free access research training materials relating to ethics and theory to support research on children’s rights:






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