Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child, Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child is a research centre at the Faculty of Law, as well as a space for collaboration between child right's oriented researchers from all over Stockholm University. The centre is also the hub of a child law-oriented network of researchers from various scientific fields, both nationally and internationally, and has a wide network of contacts with representatives of authorities and organizations with an interest in child law issues.

The Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child are involved in at least two advanced courses in Children's Law and Children's Rights. One of the courses is a master's program which is also interdisciplinary with students from different academic fields/backgrounds participating.

Research is the core of the centre's activities. The research focuses on children's rights and legal issues concerning children in a wide range of situations and in different legal fields, e.g. family law, procedural law, criminal law, social law and public law.


Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN)
c/o Centre for Children’s Rights Studies
University of Geneva, Valais Campus
Chemin de l’Institut 18
CH – 1967 Bramois (Sion)
Tel. +41 (0)27 205 73 06