University of Antwerp, Belgium

UNICEF Chair in Children's Rights, Law and Development Research Group, Faculty of Law

The UNICEF Chair in Children’s Rights was established in 2007, and is a joint venture of UNICEF Belgium and the University of Antwerp Law Faculty.

The main objective of the Chair’s establishment is to guarantee sustained attention for children’s rights in academia. The Chair seeks to respond to a clear need for more and better understanding of children’s rights and what they mean in practice among practitioners, policy makers and in society at large.

Over the past ten years, the Chair has evolved into a widely recognized knowledge broker and resource base, nationally and internationally. The Chair focuses on four key themes in particular: children and armed conflict; children and development cooperation; children and poverty; and children and migration.
The Chair's institutional home is the Law and Development Research Group. The Law and Development research group unites researchers who study the role of law in enhancing human dignity and global justice, between and within States in North and South.

The group takes a critical approach to law, and seeks to investigate what law actually ‘does’ in society, amongst others throughinterdisciplinary and empirical research.


  • Children's rights course 
  • PhD Programmes



Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN)
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