7th Children’s Rights Research Symposium

7th Children’s Rights Research Symposium - Children’s Rights Research at 30: Reflections, Challenges and Opportunities

In line with the four previous symposia (Liverpool 2013, Cork 2014, Antwerp 2015, Leiden 2016, Geneva 2017 and Belfast 2018), we are delighted to host the 7th Children’s Rights Research Symposium (CRRS) for doctoral researchers and their supervisors on 15-17 December 2019. The symposium will be held at University of Liverpool and this year’s theme is Children’s Rights Research at 30: Reflections, Challenges and Opportunities.

November 20th 2019 will mark thirty years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in New York. Since then, the Convention has been the principal driving force behind a global children’s rights culture, which has dominated international children’s policy. The event aims to draw upon theoretical and practical challenges to children’s rights scholarship both then and now.

Call for Papers:  

Doctoral students from the children’s rights field are invited to present their research by submitting an abstract of no more than 300 words. Deadline for submission is 1st November 2019. Please send your abstract to livechildrights@gmail.com. The themes and issues proposed should allow for discussions between participants on a range of disciplines and methodologies. Preference will be given to doctoral students who have at least one year of research experience.

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