The governing bodies of CREAN are the Coordination Office, the Steering Committee and the General Assembly.


The Coordination office

The Coordination office is hosted by the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies at the University of Geneva. The Coordination office is responsible for the daily management of the network and for preparing and following up the delivery of the network activities.

It is supervised by a Professor of the University of Geneva’s Centre for Children’s Rights Studies (CCRS).

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of 5 members who are elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years and guides the coordination office. The Steering Committee is chaired by a chairperson who is elected amongst its members for a period of two years. The Chairperson represents the network towards the member institutions and external stakeholders and oversees the work of the Coordination office, in collaboration with the supervising Professor at the University of Geneva.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all members of the network and is responsible for the overall strategic planning and the election of Steering Committee members.

General Assembly meetings are in principle scheduled every two years and take place during the biennial CREAN Conferences.


Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN)
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