Natália Fernandes

Natália Fernandes is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Education, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, since 1994. She is a researcher at the Research Centre on Child Studies and her research interests have to be with children’s rights; research with children and ethics in the research with children. She is a Founding Member and Member of the directive Committee of the European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights (ENMCR) now CREAN.

She participated in recent research projects, namely CREAN – Children’s Rights Erasmus Academic Network – (2013-2015), Lifelong Learning Programme Funded Research Project, as a Member of the Steering Committee and in the Project Evaluation on legislation, policy and practice on child participation in the EU.

She took part to the DG Justice of the European Commission. (December 2012-November 2013), as the Portuguese Expert.

Her last publications (in 2016):

  • Ethics in research with children: absences and challenges. Revista Brasileira de Educação, v. 21 n. 66 jul.-set. 2016), p. 759- 779.; with Araújo, S.
  • A Children as subjects of rights in EU: nuances and necessary dialogues between participation and protection rights, in Amélia Bastos e Fátima Veiga (org.)
  • Analysis of children’s wellbeing and their rights) V.N. Famalicão, Edições Húmus, pp. 109-130. ; with Tomás, C.
  • Childhood, rights ans risks: old and new challenges identified from the reports of the National Comittee of Children’s protection (2000-2010) (Forum Sociológico, vol. 29, pp. 21-29.)


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