Caught in the Middle of Persistent Conflict. The Rights of Palestinian Children-Arts, C.J.M.

Palestinian children have suffered greatly, whether as a result of numerous conflicts and Israel’s continued belligerent occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory, as a result of discrimination, or due to their prolonged exile. Their plight is a tragic illustration of the failure of all parties in the long-standing and intractable conflict or impasse between the State of Israel and the Palestinian people, and of international actors, to extend effective protection. Protection of Palestinian children, and adequate humanitarian assistance, is indispensable until a just and sustainable solution emerges.

In: Boerefijn, Ineke et al. (Eds.): Human rights and conflict: essays in honour of Bas de Gaay Fortman. Cambridge; Antwerp; Portland: Intersentia, 2012, 325–345.


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