CREAN Conference 2024: Registration

University of Geneva, 25-26 April 2024: Collaborative Research in Children’s Rights - Fostering Dialogue Between Academia and Society

CREAN Conferences

Every two years, CREAN organises an international conference which is intended for collaborators of its member institutions and other participants from academia, including students and young researchers, as well as for professionals working for national and international governmental and non-governmental entities. The conference themes, which are decided by the CREAN Steering Committee, are related to the aims of the network to strengthen the academic field of children's rights studies. The biennial CREAN Conferences are hosted by a CREAN member university that is also responsible for the content, call for abstracts and all organizational and financial matters. During the CREAN Conferences, the biennial CREAN General Assembly takes place. The next CREAN Conference is scheduled to take place in Geneva in the course of 2017.


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