Children's Rights From Below: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Series: Studies in Childhood and Youth 
This book presents an integral, cross-cultural reflection on the social reality of children's rights and citizenship and contributes to establishing for the first time a social theory of children's rights. Based on internationally discussed theories and worldwide social research on the conceptualization and implementation of children's rights, this book gives an insight into new perspectives on the history and different concepts of children's rights in a contextualized and localized manner. Furthermore, it explains how children's rights can be understood as relevant and attractive by children themselves living in different social and cultural contexts.

MANFRED LIEBEL Director of the Institute of International Studies in Childhood and Youth and the European Master in Childhood Studies and Children's Rights at the Free University Berlin, Germany. He has published numerous books on childhood and children's rights including A Will of Their Own: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Working Children, Working to be Someone: Child Focused Research and Practice with Working Children and Working Children's Protagonism.

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