Rebecca Budde

Rebecca Budde is cultural scientist, M.A. and a founding member of the European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights (former ENMCR network), which she coordinated from its inception in 2004 until 2010. She coordinates the M.A. Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights (MACR) at University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, Germany. Since 2004 she has been involved in several curriculum developments and network projects, the last large one being CREAN where she was responsible for quality assurance and evaluation (together with Lourdes Gaitán, Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

She is always interested in networking and conceptualizing new projects in the field of children’s human rights and welcomes any suggestions and approaches by other researchers.

Ms. Budde is working on her PhD, an evaluation of the MACR:  Qualification of child rights experts through academia: expectations, perspectives and future fields of action-.

Her research interests are migration and children’s rights.


  • Budde, R.: (2005): Mexican and Central American L.A. Garment Workers- Globalized Industries and their Economic Constraints. Münster. LIT
  • Budde,R.: (2009): Niños migrantes in: Liebel, M. & Martinez, M. (2009) Infancia y Derechos Humanos- Hacía una cuidadanía participante y protagónica. Lima: Ifejant
  • Invernizzi, A., Liebel, M., Milne,B. and Budde,R. (eds) (2017) ‘Children Out of Place’ and Human Rights. Switzerland: Springer


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