XIV Conference of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Trauma in Changing Societies

The ESTSS conference will take place in Vilnius between the 13th and 16th of June. The conference will reflect and represent research and practice diversity of European psychotraumatology.

ESTSS conference organizers invite participants of the Conference to discuss the social context of trauma, including acknowledgement of trauma, social support, and linking traumatic stress field among different professionals and educating society about trauma and recovery.

The Conference will also focus on clinical practice. Although we know about remarkable resilience of majority of survivors, the burden of PTSD in Europe and around the globe is growing. With natural disasters, military conflicts, interpersonal violence, accidents and other traumatic events happening around the world there is a huge responsibility for professionals to provide the best care for trauma survivors suffering from stress-related disorders.

Online registration form available here.

Email.: secretariat@estss2015.eu Further information is available here


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